Riverside Health Care Center.  Experience the difference.

Choose Well, Live Well

What makes Riverside Healthcare Center a good choice? We are foremost a home and a family for all who live and work here.

How Do We Make Certain That We Live Well?

Riverside Health Care Center improves the well-being of its residents by providing a warm and welcoming home, and a care environment that promotes individuality, choice and a vibrant atmosphere for living. The modest size and open layout of the building fosters comfort, friendships and a sense of community, and residents enjoy views of the mountains of Missoula and the Clark Fork River. Physical, occupational, speech and restorative therapies are available 6 days a week, provided by Innovative Rehabilitation. Experience our exceptional Life Enrichment programs, gracious amenities and beautiful community spaces.

Riverside Health Care Center is more than a place to live – it is home; and we want to welcome you to our family.